Stephenson House Online

Located at 63 Charles St. West, Toronto, Ontario – Stephenson House was Victoria College at the University of Toronto's true student co-operative housing residence reflecting the will of Dr. Stephenson… now this blog will serve as an archive of memories of its last year (2009-2010) and for those house members to stay in touch with each other. SIYB! SHF!

Mid-May and Fall, 2011

Mid-May 2011:

Stephenson House in its true co-operative living form has officially ended. This institution has managed to destroy a community that has given so much to so many people through everything from red tape to delays to simply waiting till students have graduated…

Fall 2011:

On last check, 63 Charles St. West is now home to a collection of office spaces for clubs – however many rooms remain empty and the space is definitely underused; 65 Charles St. West seems to be home to a collection of jazz students, etching out their own quasi-cooperative existence amid the rise of 2 new condos in addition to the 3 already surrounding it. On most days, the house does look like Up (the film).


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  William wrote @

Is stephenson House demolished? I was reading some of the comments it sounds to be as it that is the case otherwise. If the above is true, how can the institution do it without informing, let alone consulting, former students who lived in the house? So sad so sad so sad… How will the make sure that the dreams of Dr. Stephenson lives on?

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