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Located at 63 Charles St. West, Toronto, Ontario – Stephenson House was Victoria College at the University of Toronto's true student co-operative housing residence reflecting the will of Dr. Stephenson… now this blog will serve as an archive of memories of its last year (2009-2010) and for those house members to stay in touch with each other. SIYB! SHF!

Archive for June, 2010

I kind of look like CHE when I rant.

Knowing with all my heart that this will be left unread and dead in the dark world of blog posts, I have just been encouraged by my dearest friend Karen to leave a written testament to one day prove I was here (too). And even though, the old Stephenson’s house is now virtually dead with nothing but a empty promise from our unlawful gods that the spirit will continue,  I will write something. I have not done so in while, at least from my heart ( A.K.A frontal lobe). But why not, and why not about communist revolutions
! . We all dream about them after all, as the world dies and  brings us down with it,  as we let our lowest passions blind us into the rank and file of loyal consumers, and as we see ourselves becoming increasingly inept at feeling anything anymore. Why shouldn’t we bring back the ideal of the  only other social system that seemed to have worked (at least for a while). Maybe communist school officials wouldn’t have closed our dear house, or so i would like to think. But ok ok let s face it, COMMUNISM !,  maybe it is just political nonsense coming from a frustrated political science student. But wait, I kind of look like CHE, and maybe in honor of my continental brother I should continue on with the fight, moved back down to Latin america and start working and stop complaining.

Now you maybe wondering, are you a Trotskyian, or a Marxist-Leninist or simply a poorly educated one. well what about the stephensonian  communist, the one that knows that it is important to bring concrete plans of action and ideas to solve our messed up world, but neverthless remains flexible and open to our changing nature and different culture. It was after all a similar  dream  to that of an old university professor to bring a revolution of love to everyone through spiritual ministries, a message that had a particular name of GOD, but that after all it just means forgiveness, humility,and  kindness.  Some Members of this house call it different names now, (honestly others did not care and just got cheap rent) Me personally i still call him Jesus or GOD or whatever it is in fashion these days. In the end, What i am trying to say is that I kind of look like CHE, but now I am an spiritual one. But hey, wait before judging harshly… it does not sound that boring. I am sure if things get too rough in Latin america i ll also go to the jungle and fight the evil forces of exxon, and monsanto, and their respective corrupt puppet governments, we ll see how it goes, and where this stephensonian communism takes me. Until next time…. JORGE