Stephenson House Online

Located at 63 Charles St. West, Toronto, Ontario – Stephenson House was Victoria College at the University of Toronto's true student co-operative housing residence reflecting the will of Dr. Stephenson… now this blog will serve as an archive of memories of its last year (2009-2010) and for those house members to stay in touch with each other. SIYB! SHF!

Summer Residency

Interested in living in downtown Toronto this summer, for an affordable price? Apply to live in awesome Stephenson House for, potentially, its last moments at 63 Charles.

Interested applicants should e-mail Craig Ruttan (craig.ruttan(at) with answers to the following questions:
-Name, Email Address and Phone Number
-Were you a full-time Vic student this past year?
-Why do you want to live in Stephenson House?
-What kind of community involvement work would you like to do over the summer?
-What is your perspective on co-op living? What would you bring to such a community?
-What would be your greatest weakness in a co-op environment?
-Please give the contact information of one person (can be friend, family, housemate, coworker, etc.) who could tell us about you as a person and what you would be like to live with.

Applications are due by Monday, March 27, 2010. You can either drop it off at the house (63 Charles St. W) or email it to craig.ruttan(at)

Feel free to email if you have any questions too!


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