Stephenson House Online

Located at 63 Charles St. West, Toronto, Ontario – Stephenson House was Victoria College at the University of Toronto's true student co-operative housing residence reflecting the will of Dr. Stephenson… now this blog will serve as an archive of memories of its last year (2009-2010) and for those house members to stay in touch with each other. SIYB! SHF!

Cats Eye, ACTA, S. House, Pie and other

Some past updates:

Andrew hosted a very successful ACTA night a few weeks ago. Vic students including Laura ready their writings, poetry and songs at the Cats Eye and the new edition of ACTA came out.

On Friday, April 2nd I think was the Cats Eye’s last event of the year, the Summer of Love party saw S. House peeps and friends dance the night away! People always make the Cats Eye more than what it really is, but at this event, I believe it lived up to those expectations.

VUSAC re-election ballots were casted. Results were similar.

Lucille and Leo made pie yesterday (April. 4/Easter Sunday) ith Leo’s secret is 3-2-1, 3 parts flour, 2 parts sugar and 1 part butter. Combined with the mixed frozen fruit that was on sale (courtesy of Luci’s shopping skills at ValueMart), it turned out pretty amazing. Sitting around the dining table, Craig, Karen and Laura enjoyed the delicate flavours of an amazing crust and a sweet centre. Mmmm. We should have the pie competition we keep talking about. The rules beset that evening declared that no one can be a judge unless they make a pie for the competition and each must make 2 pies, one for judging and one for eating. Also, recipe cards must clearly state if the crust or any other ingredients were homemade or not. So we can all in the end, eat 1 whole pie and have pie recipes from everyone else!

Craig bought home some birthday and Easter cupcakes! And starting the student campaign to save S. House after months of negotiating with the admin failed to reach a compromise.

Side note: K’naan is coming to Toronto for a free live concert! Free to all U of T, Ryerson and York students at the end of April. Ahhh!

Also: your trusty archivist, Karen, who for the most part just writes on this blog cause really, its Craig that does everything, figured out how to create a post for a previous date so that it wouldn’t overtake the spot of the more important posts above (about Summer Residency and Saving S. House). Phew!


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