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Located at 63 Charles St. West, Toronto, Ontario – Stephenson House was Victoria College at the University of Toronto's true student co-operative housing residence reflecting the will of Dr. Stephenson… now this blog will serve as an archive of memories of its last year (2009-2010) and for those house members to stay in touch with each other. SIYB! SHF!

Archive for March, 2010

Summer Residency

Interested in living in downtown Toronto this summer, for an affordable price? Apply to live in awesome Stephenson House for, potentially, its last moments at 63 Charles.

Interested applicants should e-mail Craig Ruttan (craig.ruttan(at) with answers to the following questions:
-Name, Email Address and Phone Number
-Were you a full-time Vic student this past year?
-Why do you want to live in Stephenson House?
-What kind of community involvement work would you like to do over the summer?
-What is your perspective on co-op living? What would you bring to such a community?
-What would be your greatest weakness in a co-op environment?
-Please give the contact information of one person (can be friend, family, housemate, coworker, etc.) who could tell us about you as a person and what you would be like to live with.

Applications are due by Monday, March 27, 2010. You can either drop it off at the house (63 Charles St. W) or email it to craig.ruttan(at)

Feel free to email if you have any questions too!


Cookies, publishing, Taiwan

April 8th, 2010

Lucille, Laura, Leo and Karen are making cookies right now. To bring to the rally that Craig organized to show the administration during their final Board of Regents meeting that students care about Stephenson House and would like it to remain next year. Not fundamentally changed to something entirely different and not a co-op or financially accessible.

 Emily is organizing for the Caffiends’ potluck, which is in the same building (Old Vic) as the Board of Regents meeting. Fingers cross for a good turnout.

Lucille got into a program in which she gets to represent Canada at a global conference in Taiwan, talking about China’s current issues, including sustainability. But the Canadian government won’t let her take the time off during her World Expo job in Shanghai. Both are during the same time. Bah!

Andrew just got news that he got the internship he was looking with with the publishing company! Which means he will stay in Stephenson House over the summer! S. House is getting 3 new residents so far for the summer.

Gathering support to save the house

April 7th, 2010 post

Yesterday, Craig, Lucille, Karen, Leo and Emily went to Burwash Dining Hall to gather signatures and support for saving Stephenson House and to show the Vic admistration that there is opposition to their proposal from students. We sat ouside from 10pm-2am gathering signatures for petitions, in the end, combined with the ones Craig gathered days before, we have over 250. Some good articles were published in the Strand as well.

Also, Craig’s birthday is coming soon!

Scholarships, Grad Banquet

April 6th, 2010 post

Lucille and Craig went to Grad Banquet. It was marvelous. Very tiring.

Jorge just found out that he got the scholarship! The $15 000 scholarship in which he will go to Quebec City for the entire year next year to study french!! A scholarship in which he competed with 19 others in front of a panel of 3 esteemed professors for. That is incredible.

Also, Maria found out that she got into the university in Honduras, where she will do her last year of her degree there next year (since U of T allows students to take up to 8 courses from another university). This is equally amazing.

So a summary of some of S. House and friends’ future endeavours:
– Jorge is going to Quebec City next year on a full scholarship
– Lucille is going to work for the Canadian government for 6 months in Shanghai at the World Expo, and has applied for graduate school in business journalism in China including plans to improve her Mandarin skills
– Emily is going to Mexico soon so with Caffiends’ other Co-Manager, Vanessa as part of Chocosol’s program to learn how choc/coffee is made
– Emily also got donship for next year at Vic! This continues the tradition of donship at S. House.
– Emily also got Victorian of the Month, yay – free bottle of wine!
– Karen, Emily, Craig and Laura are all going to Quebec in the summer to learn French as part of the Explore program
– Craig is planning on going abroad during the summer, he also got into mutiple esteemed grad schools in Canada and abroad
– Leo is getting a full-time summer job with an architecture firm (his field)
– Andrew plans to work for a publishing company or a local bookstore in his hometown
– Liam will continue to work for Taking It Global (TIG) and help organize and mobalize for enviro/social justice
– S. House peeps staying on for a 5th/another year at U of T next year: Leo, Liam, Laura, Karen, Emily
– Mary (Laura’s sister) got the Caffiends’ Co-Manager position for next year
– Maria (Jorge’s partner) got into Honduras for her last year of university

Stephenson House members graduating:
– Craig
– Lucille
– Joe? (Joe said he is not graduating I think … Joe! If you read this, you need to hang out with us more, we don’t see you nearly enough and we need to! You do SO much and you’re also great fun to be around!)

We are all incredibly sad. Lucille is leaving less than two weeks from this posting. Possibly forever! *Tear

Cats Eye, ACTA, S. House, Pie and other

Some past updates:

Andrew hosted a very successful ACTA night a few weeks ago. Vic students including Laura ready their writings, poetry and songs at the Cats Eye and the new edition of ACTA came out.

On Friday, April 2nd I think was the Cats Eye’s last event of the year, the Summer of Love party saw S. House peeps and friends dance the night away! People always make the Cats Eye more than what it really is, but at this event, I believe it lived up to those expectations.

VUSAC re-election ballots were casted. Results were similar.

Lucille and Leo made pie yesterday (April. 4/Easter Sunday) ith Leo’s secret is 3-2-1, 3 parts flour, 2 parts sugar and 1 part butter. Combined with the mixed frozen fruit that was on sale (courtesy of Luci’s shopping skills at ValueMart), it turned out pretty amazing. Sitting around the dining table, Craig, Karen and Laura enjoyed the delicate flavours of an amazing crust and a sweet centre. Mmmm. We should have the pie competition we keep talking about. The rules beset that evening declared that no one can be a judge unless they make a pie for the competition and each must make 2 pies, one for judging and one for eating. Also, recipe cards must clearly state if the crust or any other ingredients were homemade or not. So we can all in the end, eat 1 whole pie and have pie recipes from everyone else!

Craig bought home some birthday and Easter cupcakes! And starting the student campaign to save S. House after months of negotiating with the admin failed to reach a compromise.

Side note: K’naan is coming to Toronto for a free live concert! Free to all U of T, Ryerson and York students at the end of April. Ahhh!

Also: your trusty archivist, Karen, who for the most part just writes on this blog cause really, its Craig that does everything, figured out how to create a post for a previous date so that it wouldn’t overtake the spot of the more important posts above (about Summer Residency and Saving S. House). Phew!

Explore and last house dinner

So today, April 1st 2010 was the house’s last family dinner. Sad. We had wine and pirogues shaped like little boats. Craig revealed that he got about 175 signatures from students in support of saving Stephenson House and the weather was really nice out!

On Tue, March 30th? Emily, Karen, Nick, Laura and Craig all found out that we all got into Explore! Explore is the summer french bursary program, a lot of us are going to Laval University and others are going to Trois Pistoles… so excited and all the other emotions that can’t be expressed right now. Luci’s going to Shanghai, Craig is going to Serbia, Andrew and Leo are hopefully getting full-time internships and jobs in their respective fields (English and Architecture)… feels like everyone and everything’s falling into place. Or sort of.

Well, no one gets turned down when they apply to Explore. But still, we’re excited. Now when someone asks the dreaded question “so what are YOU doing this summer?” – we can have an aswer that meets the socially prescribed threshold.

– Karen, your trusty S. House archivist

March 2010 Happenings

March 19th, Karen’s birthday – went to Ethiopian House for family dinner! Then a small house gathering of friends and partial slumber party aftewards. Craig found out UTSU’s Stronger Together won the entire slate at 3am.

Other great things:

Emily got accepted for Donship! Lucille is going to Shanghai to work for the Canadian government at the World Expo in less than a month! Leo got re-elected for Board of Regents next year! Andrew is recruiting new editor for ACTA! Jorge is waiting to hear back about studying in Quebec next year. Laura is performing in the Vic variety show soon! Craig got accepted into multiple graduate programs in Canada and abroad! Liam is going back to Haiti soon to provide more assistance, as well, he will be departing soon to do a speech at Cornell University (in the States) about the work he does, he previously also spoke at Harvard. Karen is going to Montreal for a conference on global and national water issues. Mary-Ann got accepted as one of Caffiends’ next Co-manager!

Summer residence applications are now being accepted.

Craig just found out that Stephenson House’s new proposal is getting moving ahead…