Stephenson House Online

Located at 63 Charles St. West, Toronto, Ontario – Stephenson House was Victoria College at the University of Toronto's true student co-operative housing residence reflecting the will of Dr. Stephenson… now this blog will serve as an archive of memories of its last year (2009-2010) and for those house members to stay in touch with each other. SIYB! SHF!

Mid-May and Fall, 2011

Mid-May 2011:

Stephenson House in its true co-operative living form has officially ended. This institution has managed to destroy a community that has given so much to so many people through everything from red tape to delays to simply waiting till students have graduated…

Fall 2011:

On last check, 63 Charles St. West is now home to a collection of office spaces for clubs – however many rooms remain empty and the space is definitely underused; 65 Charles St. West seems to be home to a collection of jazz students, etching out their own quasi-cooperative existence amid the rise of 2 new condos in addition to the 3 already surrounding it. On most days, the house does look like Up (the film).


This time last year

S. HAUS GRADUATES! Its May 2011, here are some brief updates on S. Haus members:

– Laura is heading to Nunavut for 3 month summer head of life-guarding job!
– Emily is in Alberta for a 4 month summer job as a youth mentor and Artist in Residence in an First Nations community!
– Karen is in Toronto
– Lucille is finishing her Masters in Business Journalism in Beijing while scoring a sweet business journalism internship in Shenzhen/Hong Kong!!
– Craig is finishing his Masters in International Peace & Security in London (UK)
– Liam is in Toronto continuing to work for TIG, travel the world and possibly going to Borneo to work with the Dayak people and the orangutans
– Leo has traveled back to beautiful Alberta and will be studying for his MCATs while possibly traveling and bike tripping
– Andrew will be doing a summer exchange in Paris!! And entering his last year of undergrad next year and grad school apres ca!
– Jorge has finished his year at Laval (Quebec City) in French and may be working at a vineyard for the summer/fall!
– Joe continues to make it big in the Toronto/Canada news scene

So hey! Almost all of S. Haus (except Andrew) has graduated from university! Armed with our Hons. B.A.s, we will now be thrown into the mildly chaotic world of responsibilities, life and insecurities. Most of us will aim for graduate school and so on.

In Sept/October 2011, Jorge, Laura, Karen and Emily may be going to France to teach English for 7 months (pending contracts)!

Grad Banquet 2011: atop the CN tower: L-R: Karen, Andrew, Emily, Leo, Victoria, Laura and Scott

I kind of look like CHE when I rant.

Knowing with all my heart that this will be left unread and dead in the dark world of blog posts, I have just been encouraged by my dearest friend Karen to leave a written testament to one day prove I was here (too). And even though, the old Stephenson’s house is now virtually dead with nothing but a empty promise from our unlawful gods that the spirit will continue,  I will write something. I have not done so in while, at least from my heart ( A.K.A frontal lobe). But why not, and why not about communist revolutions
! . We all dream about them after all, as the world dies and  brings us down with it,  as we let our lowest passions blind us into the rank and file of loyal consumers, and as we see ourselves becoming increasingly inept at feeling anything anymore. Why shouldn’t we bring back the ideal of the  only other social system that seemed to have worked (at least for a while). Maybe communist school officials wouldn’t have closed our dear house, or so i would like to think. But ok ok let s face it, COMMUNISM !,  maybe it is just political nonsense coming from a frustrated political science student. But wait, I kind of look like CHE, and maybe in honor of my continental brother I should continue on with the fight, moved back down to Latin america and start working and stop complaining.

Now you maybe wondering, are you a Trotskyian, or a Marxist-Leninist or simply a poorly educated one. well what about the stephensonian  communist, the one that knows that it is important to bring concrete plans of action and ideas to solve our messed up world, but neverthless remains flexible and open to our changing nature and different culture. It was after all a similar  dream  to that of an old university professor to bring a revolution of love to everyone through spiritual ministries, a message that had a particular name of GOD, but that after all it just means forgiveness, humility,and  kindness.  Some Members of this house call it different names now, (honestly others did not care and just got cheap rent) Me personally i still call him Jesus or GOD or whatever it is in fashion these days. In the end, What i am trying to say is that I kind of look like CHE, but now I am an spiritual one. But hey, wait before judging harshly… it does not sound that boring. I am sure if things get too rough in Latin america i ll also go to the jungle and fight the evil forces of exxon, and monsanto, and their respective corrupt puppet governments, we ll see how it goes, and where this stephensonian communism takes me. Until next time…. JORGE

Laura’s last day, Skype with Luci

April 29th, 2010

Guys, I had an awesome conversation with Luci yesterday over Skype at 4am in the morning that made me feel so much better about everyone leaving. But then today Laura is leaving and I’m sad all over again. Gone is another Stevie Ho roommate… Mary came over today to help Laura pack the last of her belongings into a car. Bound for Explore in Quebec and then Waterloo for the rest of the summer, Laura joins Craig, Lucille and Emily leaving Stephenson House (in its true co-operative form) forever…

But we’ll all see eachother again next year? Hopefully. Ug, I feel so bummed out again.

– K

Em’s last day, Bob Dylan, pie, pasta, front lawn, people, friends, Leo got a job!

The 26th and 27th were Em’s last night and day. As such, it called for dancing, one last family dinner and drinking with friends, Leo, Mary and Laura. Making pasta, listening to music and watching a slideshow… 

Leo made this amazing apple pie, so crusty (except no ring) and full of apples! Mmm… 

Then Liam came back with more wine and Em, Liam and Karen talked and reminiscing away the night until 4am. 

During the day of April 27th, Karen and Em spent it sitting on the front lawn of Steview Ho, wrapped in Liam’s blanket and Jorge’s sweather eating pasta from last night, drinking Luci’s orange juice, listening to Bob Dylan  and talking about everything, the past, the present, the future… 

Simone and Maria dropped by and joined us. Then they left and we headed inside to watch an old movie and fell asleep till 5pm… 

Also as I write this, Leo I think just screamed that he got a job!! Yay!! He went to an interview yesterday and it was probably successful!! 

Karen’s rant: it sucks so much that we all said we’d do things together as a house, like science club, picnics, pie-baking competitions etc. but never did, always thinking that there would be enough time, we’d do it next week, next month etc. and yet our lives go so busy with so much shit (good shit?), that the end came so rapidly and next thing you know, everyone’s gone. Forever. And you regret what you didn’t do with them because that is what you will remember, not some meeting or assignment… and you only notice and think about people so much more when they are all gone.

❤ K

Jorge’s Canadian Citizenship, Wine & Maria’s goodbye party

Jorge’s Canadian citizenship cermoney happened on Friday, April 23rd at the immigration office in Scarborough! With about 100 other ‘new’ Canadians, Jorge (and Maria) took the oath and sang the anthem! So happy, mom, brother and Maria was there. Karen tagged along with Liam’s camera and took some shots. The judge was super cool and Jorge is so handsome! See pictures here and some in the “These Pictures” file.

Also yesterday was Maria’s going-away party. So sad, Em, Karen, Jorge and Andrew went. Em and Karen drank a bottle and a half of wine and talked for a long time (about everything and everyone and how this is really the end of Stephenson House as we know it!) before going. They rode their bikes on the sidewalk and not the road.

Cab, airports, hugs, pacts

Lucille left this morning, at 5:30am. The family woke up to say their last goodbyes. Bound for Beijing, it was incredibly sad. Especially for Karen. Luci, we miss you already, Karen regrets not giving you a hug at the cab. You were always so awkward with it and we never really hug often, but that might be the last time I see you in a long long .. long time.

On Thursday, Craig is leaving and then in another week or so, the rest of the girls will also be leaving. But we made a pact to have tea or roomdrinks at least once 3-5 years, to maintain our strong friendships, to live in the same seniors’ home or dwelling when we’re 70 years old and to just be there for each other when we need it most.

House elections says in the summer of 2010, Leo will be President (last president of Stephenson House!!), Karen is Treasurer and Jorge is GM.

Craig, Andrew, Jorge, Leo, Liam, Emily, Laura, Joe and especially Lucille, living at Stephenson House this year has truly been, without exaggeration one of the happiest and most influential years of our lives. Thank you, your friendship and support meant the world.

From now on, this blog will serve as a place for ALL of Stephenson House’s 2009-2010 members to post their summer adventures and life updates. Please do so liberally! Pictures! Skype!  Email!

Stay in touch. Remember us little people when you’re all successful in life…